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French origin and quality of the knives

Where do the knives SABATIER Diamant offered on the web site come from?

As a manufacturer of high-quality French knives, ensures that all the knives offered in its on line shop have been made in Thiers, France, in accordance with traditional methods. More information about our knife making techniques.


Is my knife a genuine Sabatier?

First of all it must be pointed out that no SABATIER company owns "THE" Sabatier brand. The SABATIER brand is ancient and appeared at a time well before the first French legislation concerning intellectual property rights. For historical reasons several companies registered the SABATIER brand in France. This is true of the SABATIER DIAMANT company, which makes its knives in the heart of the French cutlery region. Back at the beginning, when the brand name SABATIER was registered in France, it had to be accompanied by a word or traditional image, and our company registered the name SABATIER accompanied by a diamond. Consequently, a large number of knives which bear the name "SABATIER" are now available but unfortunately, we are experiencing a flooding of the market by a multitude of down-market knives.

Moreover, the name SABATIER today is a victim of its own fame. The original knife was so successful that it was copied many times over in France and abroad. The problem is that nowadays the brand SABATIER marked on the blade of your knife is by no means a guarantee of quality. It is possible to find bad quality knives marked "SABATIER" made in France or abroad, and this is the case notably in the United States.


What is the way to be sure of buying a genuine top quality SABATIER knife?

In order to protect yourself against the purchase of a bad quality knife or a forgery, offers some advice:

  • Information such as: "véritable", "garanti", "vrai", "unique", "seul", (“true”, “real”, “the only one”, “the single one”…) or other qualifying adjectives marked on the blade of the knife do not offer proof of quality or authenticity.
  • Make sure that your knife is made in France and avoid knives produced abroad. Asian manufacturers are not interested in manufacturing high quality knives because of the small quantity to produce and because of the high quality which is difficult to obtain. Therefore, we could think that the information “Made in France” stamped on the blade of your knife is a guarantee of origin and quality. However, this could be misleading information: the current regulation authorizes to stamp “Made in France” on the blade of the knife even if the means of production (components, raw material and manufacturing stages) come from various others countries. Our consumers do not be fooled by a product marked “Made in France” and do not believe wrongly that its product has been made in France whereas only the most important added value stage has been made in France. ensures you that the country of origin “FRANCE” stamped on the blade of its knives means that all its knives have been entirely manufactured in France.
  • Take into account the price of the knives. The most expensive is not always the best, but the cheapest is often the worst choice. Can you imagine buying a high quality product made by the finest craftsmen at a low price? The prices of our SABATIER Diamant knives are justified: offers reliable and effective knives and the highest quality service.
  • Ask for traceability! If you know the exact name of the company from which you wish to buy a knife, verify this company’s entry in the trade register. Our company SABATIER Diamond is registered under the number: 479143505.
  • Read the terms and conditions and inform yourself about all the guarantees offered with the purchase of your SABATIER knife (lifetime warranty…)


Why buy SABATIER Diamant?

At first glance, it is difficult to truly discern a high quality knife from an inferior one.
The essential characteristics are revealed only in regular use. Within the current context of the SABATIER trademark, it is all the more difficult to buy a top quality SABATIER knife. The name alone can no longer convey all the values that have made it a great brand. If the brand name "SABATIER" marked on the blade of your knife is accompanied by a diamond and by the trademark «  » (Chef’s diamond), you will be sure that your knife was indeed manufactured in France according to traditional methods and respecting the quality criteria that make SABATIER a "gold standard" knife. For further information about features of SABATIER Diamant knives: please read the following question.


How to recognize a SABATIER Diamant knife?


a) The materials :

All the SABATIER Diamant knives are made of what could be called “stainless” steel, the X50CrMoV15 (European standard 10088-2, which has no simple equivalence in the United States). This type of steel is very often used in the field of kitchen cutlery and provides a good compromise between the knife's cutting performance and corrosion resistance. Carbon steel knives are reputed to cut better than stainless steel knives and they are easier to sharpen than stainless steel knives. However, carbon steel knives require very meticulous care because they can rust very quickly. A stainless steel knife is far easier to look after and far more hygienic than a carbon steel knife. It is true that it does not rust. Further information about steel.


b) Precise workmanship

The parts of the SABATIER Diamond knives have been rigorously assembled. There is no looseness or space between the junctions bolster/handle, bolster/tang, tang/handle and rivets/handle. This is especially important for hygienic reasons because there is no risk of any foreign particles (food remnants, water, bacteria, etc) penetrating between the various parts of the knife and fermenting. Neither the blade nor the handle show any irregularities or burrs where bacteria could settle.


c) Surface finish

The bolster, the blade and the handle of the SABATIER Diamant knives are entirely hand-polished. This process makes the knives as much elegant as efficient. (Exceptional edge holding) The blade has a finely ground surface, which is the sign of a top quality surface finish because the more finely the surface of the blade is polished and better are the cutting performance and the corrosion resistance.


d) Safety

The handle and the bolster of the SABATIER Diamant knives have been designed to provide a secure grip from which the hand cannot slip. An ergonomically designed handle and the right weight permit safe, tireless use. All SABATIER Diamant knives are fully forged, what it means that each knife is made out of a single piece of steel and entirely forged (blade, bolster and tang). Consequently, fully forged knives are tougher than knives that actually have only one of their various parts forged. Further information about forge.


e) Cutting performance defined a top-quality knife according to two parameters: the Initial Cutting Performance" (or ICP) and the period of use in which the blade retains its cutting properties: the "Total Card Cut" (or TCC). When manufacturing SABATIER Diamant knives, the cutting performance and the corrosion resistance are measured according to a test procedure (the standard is ISO 8442-5). All the SABATIER Diamond knives comply with this current standard. Further information about cutting performance.


 Secure payment in euros (€) or in US dollars ($)
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 Lifetime warranty of the knives
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Excellent and fast customer service

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